5 Reasons Women Should Try Weed

Being a woman in today’s world grants females more freedoms than ever before. We have all the same civil rights as men, we lead our own businesses and we are (slightly) less pressured by society to conform to one specific image. But as we have been graciously allowed to take on more freedoms over the years we have been increasingly more aware of the pressures and stresses inside and outside of the home – and how those pressures and stresses can compound until we either implode or explode. How is the modern woman meant to diffuse that build up without becoming addicted to fitness or an absolute wino? With cannabis – thats how! Here are six pretty great reasons for women to use their freedom to give weed a chance.


Having a period is not the most glamorous bodily function, it’s true, but for women that experience them, menstrual cramps can be the absolute bane of existence. It is a pain that can be almost impossible to properly explain to someone who has never felt them, right? Usually beginning shortly after a woman ovulates (releases an egg), cramp pain typically radiates through the lower abdomen and lower back and can last up to a week. Believe it or not, stress can, in truth, even add to the pain caused by cramping. The good news? Cannabis can alleviate internal pains brought on by your monthly cycle. Sure, hormones surge and your uterus contracts for no good reason and if you could lay in bed all day you would be quite content to do just that.

No one enjoys period pain and nothing helps quite like cannabis.

Ingesting cannabis orally help to keep your lady cramps at bay whether you choose to eat some edibles, smoke, vape or dab. A company called Foria even one upped oral ingestion methods and encouraged it’s audience to consume cannabis vaginally. Yes, vaginally. Foria once developed a cannabis suppository for vaginal use aimed to combat those monthly cramps for good (though it appears they are out of stock at the time of this writing).

You see, the THC found in cannabis is an analgesic and muscle relaxant according to a study published in August of 2011, both of which are helpful with pain associated with menstruation. As an analgesic cannabis will work away the tightness and pain and as a relaxant cannabis allows a woman’s body to, well, relax and release tension in the tightened muscles. With those accolades, it seems only wise to at least experiment with how cannabis can replace an unnatural pharmaceutical and bedrest to ease away those pre-menstrual pains.


Having anxiety can be a deeply painful and alienating way to live life. From general nervousness to panic attacks and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety can be totally disabling and stop a person from living their life to the fullest. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, although often easily treatable, only ⅓ of the 44 million people suffering from anxiety in the U.S. actually get treated for it.

Women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety, at a ratio of 1.9:1, says the scientists behind an interesting study published in Brain and Behavior in June of 2016. In a few different scenarios, women out-anxietied males in the same scenarios. If you are a young woman with non-cardiac chest pain you are going to be far more anxious about it than if you were a young man with non-cardiac chest pain. Same goes for women with diabetes – they experience twice as much stress than their male counterparts. So women are starting off at a disadvantage when it comes to anxiety.

AUTHOR DISCLAIMER: This is not a doctor’s recommendation and if you are suffering from severe, debilitating anxiety it is highly recommended that you see a professional.

With that said, cannabis can be a quick and effective answer for people having issues with anxiety. Of the three types of cannabis – Sativa (upbeat), Indica (calming) and Hybrid (the best of both worlds) – Indicas and Indica dominant hybrids are going to be the best choices for pacifying anxious nerves. If you go with a Sativa, be warned, they can produce a more racy effect which is often the opposite of what one wants to experience in relation to anxiety relief.

Leafly has an excellent breakdown of different strains you can try for anxiety – check them out before giving it go.


In 2012, 29% of mothers were categorized as Stay-At-Home. And while in the same year Stay-At-Home Dads made up 16% of the all parents that designate themselves as “Stay-At-Home,” that means the other 84% of parents staying home all day to take care of the child(ren) and family were women. That is a lot of childcare responsibility for us females.

Staying at home with a young child, as opposed to working and utilizing daycare, can be simultaneously rewarding, enlightening and a total and unrestrained hell.

Being able to spend so much quality time with your child is extremely rewarding, watching them grow and learn can be super enlightening. But being stuck at home a good portion of the time, speaking only in baby talk, speaking only to baby for long stretches or even days at a time, holding on to your temper EVERY TIME with your toddler, considering trips to the grocery store a real treat, wondering if you’ll ever change out of your loungewear, wondering if you’ll ever feel like yourSELF again, trying to find ways to make newborn care more interesting, more anything except the same thing day in and day out…it can be hell.

And for times like that, times when you can no longer distinguish whether it is YOU or your CHILD that enjoy watching season after season of Clifford the Big Red Dog – you should allow yourself a few moments of “me” time and step out onto the back porch with a little cannabis. Wait until your reinforcements arrive if you like, but make sure that you let yourself kick back for at least a few minutes – you deserve it.

This is not an invitation to get WRECKED while you are single handedly caring for a child. With microdosing, a cannabis user is able to achieve a manageable and non psychoactive high. You can either smoke a small amount, vape a small amount, or take a microdosed eible. It can almost be likened to a glass of wine – it will relax you but it isn’t going to create a problem regarding your ability to care for your child. And when you go back to playing with blocks or reading nursery rhymes or walking over to the park you are going to feel a little less stressed out and a lot more open to play.


Marijuana is better for you than alcohol. It just is. Let us not forget that, unlike alcohol, cannabis is not associated with causing disease or destruction of the body. Alcohol can dehydrate you, cause a splitting headache and hangover, make you blackout…it can even cause serious internal issues putting your valuable organs at risk. In fact, women can experience these physical, alcohol related consequences even more so than men do. For example, an ‘Alcohol Alert’ issued in 2004 by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states, “alcoholic women develop cirrhosis, alcohol–induced damage of the heart muscle (i.e., cardiomyopathy), and nerve damage (i.e., peripheral neuropathy) after fewer years of heavy drinking than do alcoholic men.”

It would certainly be better to be on the OTHER end of those statistics, but instead of ruminating over how alcohol could possibly take away your body’s ability to function properly, start looking into cannabis strains that can replace that third, fourth, fifth and sixth shot of alcohol.


It may be a ploy to get more business, as women are typically regarded as making the shopping decisions for a household, but cannabis companies are increasingly marketing toward women, and in a more thoughtful way. Before the legal cannabis industry began to emerge, most of the products aimed specifically at women were either 1. tye dye 2. pink and blinged out with cheap rhinestones. You were a hippie or you were a Barbie and those would be the female friendly options represented in head shops across the United States.

However, as legal companies have formed and analysis of female cannabis user preferences have been performed, it is becoming obvious that while historically women have tended to admit to cannabis use less often than males do, that could be changing.

With that said, the market for women in the cannabis arena is virtually open to whatever you can present. There are currently cannabis infused lubes (like Foria, Bliss and Canada’s own Lust by MJ Creams), menstruation related mood enhancers (like Herbabuena’s Full Moon and Whoopi and Maya’s Relax) and luxury purses that hide the smell of the weed you are carrying inside (like Annabis). As women continue to feel more comfortable trying cannabis, admitting to cannabis use and shopping for cannabis products there is sure to be an ongoing addition to the market of female focused cannabis products and accessories.