Marijuana Can Make You a Better Parent

Have you ever wondered if marijuana can help you be good at parenting? This might come as a surprise, but many people think so. According to surveys, many people think that marijuana can be helpful when it comes to raising their kids and talking to them.

As the ban on Cannabis is soon to be lifted across Canada, many people are getting on the marijuana bandwagon. There have been many debates on this topic and the final word is still pending. To know more about how smoking marijuana can help you as a parent, continue reading this article to craft your own opinion.

Cannabis Helps You Relax

There are many parents that claim before they started consuming marijuana they use to get frustrated while talking or arguing with their kids. However, things changed for them once they started consuming cannabis. Cannabis relaxes their body, and helps in eliminating pain.

This way they feel calmer which gives them some time to think, helping them interact with their kids in a better way. The use of marijuana has become extremely common so that some parents feel comfortable getting high and parenting their child.

Helps in Getting Rid of Anxiety

Many parents say that raising a child is not as easy as it sounds. Having marijuana makes things easier for them. One of the things cannabis helps to ease is anxiety. One mother told her story that she was prescribed medication to get rid of postpartum depression. However, she continued searching for an alternative treatment to pharmaceutical drugs and she ended up turning to cannabis instead. She claims that she feels more relaxed and treats her kids better than she used to.

There are other parents who are good at dealing with their children, yet they still consume cannabis. The reason they give is that they want to reduce their stress levels.

It Is Used by Many Mothers

Father or mothers can use cannabis, but mothers seem to catch more flack for using it. There was a photo of a lady that went viral in which she was breastfeeding her child while consuming pot. There were mixed views about it as some people were said that it was fine while others were totally against the act.

There were many doctors who said that the active ingredient called THC in marijuana that could have been transferred to the kid. The research is not fully completed, but the doctors claim that this can affect the development of the brain in a very compelling way. So it’s best to wait until the child is no longer breastfeeding and then start consuming cannabis.

For the most part consuming cannabis around your kid can be beneficial to the parent’s sanity, but there are a few things to avoid, such as driving while high, or breastfeeding (as mentioned above). There is still a debate about whether parents should openly consume cannabis in front of their children. Some people think that can leave a bad influence on your kids. Other parents feel once their child is old enough to understand they can have a child-friendly discussion and be frank about their usage with their kid.

Certain debates still rage about parenting and pot, and the topic is still taboo to some. But we feel if a parent consumes pot responsibly then cannabis can enhance your parental abilities. Whether you chose to consume weed in front of your child, comparably to drinking a glass of wine at dinner, or you choose to wait until your child’s bedtime is up to you!