Ways cannabis can help women

There is still widespread confusion about the legalization and usefulness of Cannabis, especially for women. However, scientists believe cannabis is a plant for women. The ‘female’ cannabis plant contains cannabinoid-rich trichomes which are very beneficial for human health as they help the human body perform various functions. As a result, a lot of women have resorted to the use of cannabis to improve their health. Below are a few ways cannabis can help improve a woman’s health.


Statistics have shown that over 84% of women have painful periods, or the Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS). During the PMS, these women experience things like moodiness, nausea, dizziness, migraines, occasional chills and abdominal cramps. Some women depend on the use of ‘over-the-counter’ medications such as Midol or Advil, while others have to call in sick from work or take opiate painkillers. Cannabis, however, can provide immediate relive when eaten, smoked or added to a topical.


A lot of women do not get the best sex they can get. Whether its pains during penetration or a lack of orgasm, some women just do not enjoy it to its fullest. Well, the good news is that Cannabis has a reputation for being an ‘aphrodisiac’ and is known to be able to enhance the human sexual cycle. The use of THC-infused lubricants can also be useful in the realization of a climax during sex.

Weight Manager

It is better to use Cannabis to manage weight than to use alcohol. Reason being that, Ethanol is toxic and the body must process it before it can digest food, forcing the storage of fat until later. However, Cannabis aids food processing, thereby improving digestion. Also, while the average alcoholic beverage has between 100-2000 calories in them, a lit-up cannabis does not.

There are so many other ways Cannabis improves female health. From enhancing relaxation and creativity to preventing illness and stimulating exercise, the right intake of Cannabis can prove to be medicinally beneficial for every woman, old or young.