Your First Cannabis Experience

The availability of legal cannabis in today’s world means that the number of strains available now and the number of smokers has skyrocketed. Not all marijuana is the same, however, as different strains produce vastly different effects. That’s just one of the reasons why purchasing pot — even from a legal dispensary — can be daunting for relative newcomers.

Knowing which marijuana product to purchase can be a conundrum for most people. Deciding on the method of consumption can even be more daunting. In order to get the best cannabis experience, below are a few tips of what you should do:

Evaluate Yourself

Before you even start to think of the type of weed to purchase, where to purchase, or how to consume, you must have to do a thorough checking of yourself. Check to know if you can roll a joint, if you need someone to help you, how much you can consume and other things like edibles.  Edibles are a great way to introduce yourself to cannabis.


To enjoy your cannabis experience, make sure you are at a safe location so as to be in a relaxed state of mind.  Find yourself a location where you feel safe and comfortable for your first time.  This is important, a quiet bedroom, or a dinner party with people you trust.

Get Advice

Speak to a seasoned cannabis user. His or her experience and know-how, would be invaluable in helping you get that cannabis experience you crave and deserve. The budtender would also be able to give you tips on the best strains for you.

Choosing a method

Smoking a cannabis is an art. There are various methods to it. The different methods provide different experiences for different smokers. I advise you try the various methods at first, and gradually figure out the one that gives you the best experience.