How to Throw a Cannabis Dinner Party

Do you want to know how to throw a cannabis dinner party? Knowing how to put a normal dinner party is a skill, but knowing how to throw the ultimate cannabis dinner party is pure art. With cannabis becoming legal in many cities, many people have started hosting cannabis dinner parties and supper clubs. To have this same experience at your home is now easier than ever. In this article, we will show you how to throw a fun cannabis dinner party.

The trick here is to properly plan and figure out how exactly you are going to feature cannabis at your dinner party. You can either mix some in the food or in the drinks, or either make some fried snacks that feature cannabis as part of their signature flavour or just smoke everyone out. The key here to make sure that every single guest has a pleasurable experience and not an overwhelming (in the wrong sense of the word) experience.

You’ve got to be deliberate in spacing out the consumption of cannabis by the guests throughout the night. Too much in one go, and they’ll be knocked out good till the next morning. Too little, and it just turns into a normal dinner party. Make sure that you keep all your guests well informed as to which food or drink at the party has been infused with cannabis and the dosages, as this would help them know what to expect in advance.

Make sure you figure out how the evening is going to pan out. Plan every step of the party in advance. How are you going to welcome your guests? With a fresh cannabis cocktail or a CBD mocktail? What’s going to be the main course at dinner? Does the dish feature cannabis? Are you going to let everyone smoke as they please or are you going to regulate the consumption of cannabis through the night? Having a rough plan gives you a sense of direction when planning and executing the party.

Know how much cannabis is too much. You’ve got to know your dosages well. And I mean really well! Too much cannabis can just ruin the experience for the guests. There are good resources on the internet to help you figure out the dosages, which takes out a lot of the guesswork.  The best way is to microdose and be sure to offer non-dosed alternatives.   

Alcohol and cannabis might be a little too much for guests to handle at one event. Skip the alcohol for this party and let cannabis take the center stage. Instead of alcohol, go for mock-tails with some CBD and ensure that there is plenty of water available for the guests to keep hydrated.

Get a good playlist going. You should know the tunes to set a party on fire. If you are looking for high energy songs, hip-hop, EDM and rock should cut it. For a smooth feel, some jazz, R’n’B or some reggae will do the job. Music sets the tone of a party, and more so in a cannabis party.