How Cannabis Can Improve Productivity

The is an old stereotype around people that regularly consume cannabis. The lazy stoner that has no interests other than getting high, watching movies, and devouring snacks may be well engaged in cannabis culture but real-life perceptions are quickly turning away from the cliché stoner.

After all, legalization continues to march forward, while cannabis is now firmly rooted in modern culture, with everyone from musicians to athletes to actors to entrepreneurs all advocating the use of cannabis.

It’s no surprise that some of the world’s most successful people advocate the use of cannabis, with it offering a wide range of mental and physical benefits. Most of the medical benefits are well documented these days, but there is one thing that cannabis improves that many are unaware of – productivity.

Now, the thought of cannabis making you productive may sound ridiculous. Even regular smokers will know that being productive and being high doesn’t always go hand in hand, but there is some truth to the matter.

With the right hit of weed, you can find yourself being much more focused and creative. These are great qualities for solving work-related problems or for getting into the creative zone, which is a big component of many people’s work.

You can think a lot more clearly after smoking some cannabis, and the introspection is a fantastic way to discover new ideas and different lines of thinking. Sometimes this type of thinking isn’t possible when you aren’t high – there’s just too many distractions in your mind.

The calming nature of cannabis also helps. In many cases, it helps to relax and ease the mind, which is great for overcoming anxieties and stress present in many peoples personal and professional lives. It could even be an effective alternative to anti-anxiety medicine for some people.

Of course, it’s all about context. If you smoke several bowls or eat a bunch of edibles before starting your day, then the chances are you are not getting much done. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as cannabis is great for kicking back and unwinding from the stress of everyday life.

However, there are instances where you can use cannabis and become very productive as a result. First off, you don’t want to consume too much. This makes sense, so it’s important to understand how much you need to get those productive juices flowing.

For most, a quick hit of a small bowl should be enough. If you have a vape pen then even better! Loading this up and taking a few hits should give you the perfect hit to get going for the day. The good things with vape pens is they are more efficient at processing the cannabinoids, resulting in a very notable high while your senses and reactions remain sharp.

Another important thing to consider is the strain of weed. Cannabis is divided into two distinctive strains – Sativa and Indica.

If you want to be productive, you should stay clear of Indica and try to consume Sativa. Indica is known for a much more intense body high that often leaves you sitting in the couch for hours on end, while Sativa is known for providing energy and creativity without affecting the body.

It may require some testing too, as we all have our own tolerances. As mentioned, less is always more if you want to get high and remain productive, so try consuming small amounts and see how you fare.

Also, try to get into that productive mindset before smoking. You want to drink a refreshing beverage (green tea is great for this), avoid energy drinks or too much coffee. Plus, have an idea of what you want to achieve, whether it’s getting work done, coming up with new ideas, or trying to find a solution to a problem.