Creative Smoking – How to Make a Botanical Mixture for Your Next Session

With recreational cannabis legalization just on the horizon, Canadians cannabis users certainly have a lot to look forward to in the near future. Being able to legally buy weed without any issues will be a great experience, and it’s inspired us to share a cool smoking technique for when the big day arrives next month.

When we think of smoking weed, there’s very little effort involved. Grind up some herb and then roll a joint or back a bowl and you are good to go.

But did you know there are many ways to creatively smoke your cannabis? And we’re not talking about adding tobacco!

A botanical cannabis mix is a fun way to get your smoke on. It involves creating an all-natural mixture featuring a combination of cannabis, herbs, flowers, and various types of plants to enhance the smoking experience.

You can mix and match a range of ingredients to create a botanical mixture that will produce unique tastes and aromas. Adding different herbs and plants to your cannabis lets you introduce all manner of flavours when smoking, with a nearly endless combination of blends possible.

Start Small and Let Your Body Tell You What Works

Because you are adding new ingredients to your smoke it’s important to start small. This includes a small amount of cannabis along with whatever you feel like experimenting with.

Your body will know what tastes and smells good, so always let natural reactions guide the way, although there is no right on wrong method to creating a botanical cannabis mix.

Mint is probably the best place to start. It offers a wonderful taste and aroma and widely available, making it a good first choice. Chamomile and lavender are far more aromatic but are fine addition too – consider heading to your local health store to see what’s available.

For a first-time effort, we recommend grinding a small amount of cannabis together with either some mint or camomile. Combine into your preferred smoking method (e.g. bong, joint, vape) and have a taste. It should be a pleasant but mellow flavour – but you can easily ramp things up another level.

It’s All About Terpenes

Once you’re ready for additional flavour you can move onto more potent plants and herbs.

Each one has their own unique terpenes, which are responsible for the flavour and smell of a plant. Its why certain strains have those unique herbal aromas – think blueberry, pineapple, and lemon strains and their amazing scents and tastes.

There’s a lot to play with when it comes to plants and their terpenes. They can produce a wide range of tasting notes and aromas, from florals to citrus to spiciness and everything in-between. For instance, if you want to test out a floral botanical mix, try adding a small amount of rose petals with an herb and some ground cannabis.

Identifying terpenes can be quite difficult, however, so it helps to know common examples and where to find them.

Limonene and is common in fruits and cannabis strains, offering a nice citrusy flavour, while linalool is found in lavender and produces a spicy flavour while also producing a calming effect when smoked.

Myrcene is found in various plants, including verbena, mycria, and cannabis, offering a spicy tasting note while also improving the effects of certain strains when smoked.

Getting the Right Balance

When trying your botanical mix, it’s important to get the right balance of herbs and plants. Here’s a guide to getting the right mix:

2 parts base herb – this is anything that offers a nice effect or condition, such as chamomile, mullein, or rose.

Half-part flavour herb – anything that gets the preferred flavour for your smoke, such as mint, lavender, sage. Adding more increases the flavour strength!

Grind both together and then combine with your regular cannabis dose, placing in a bowl, pipe, or rolling into a joint.