5 Reasons Sex is Better with Cannabis

A common stereotype is that smoking weed makes you lazy. A “stoner” is often portrayed as someone who sits around snacking on junk food and is too languid to do anything — including have sex.

Stoners are lazy is a common stereotype, but scientific research says otherwise.  According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and an article in Forbes, cannabis use can actually INCREASE sexual frequency.  People who consume cannabis had more sex than those who didn’t, up to 20% more.     The team at Stanford University in California analyzed data from over 28k women and 22k men surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the results showed that there was no link between the use of cannabis and impaired sexual function.  It showed that the use of cannabis was associated with increased coital frequency.

Another study done in 2017 found that 68% of women who used cannabis before sex reported that they found sex more pleasurable.

With the increase of cannabis infused products geared at women and sexuality, it stands to be said that cannabis can enhance sexual pleasure.   Cannabis lubes have found their way into mainstream media with coverage in magazines such as Vogue and Cosmo.

Here are 5 reasons why cannabis can make sex better:

  1. Increase in tactile inputs and pleasure.  There is a greater rush in sensations as the use of cannabis enhances the sensitivity of the skin.
  2. Opens up self-pleasuring.  With the increased focus that cannabis can provide, sexual fantasies are more focused and translates into the pleasures of self-love.
  3. Getting more creative.  Cannabis consumers have reported that they are more open and more willing to try new things and getting more creative in their sexuality.
  4. More intense orgasms.  Due to a process in the brain called hyper-priming, the euphoria felt by consumers seems to intensify orgasms.   Orgasms have been reported to last longer and the lingering after effect of the orgasm and cannabis can leave you feeling blissed out.
  5. Increase in stamina.  According to some studies that have been done, cannabis has been linked to increased sexual stamina.

Whether you are with a partner (or partners) or alone, grab an edible and explore a “highgasm”.