Getting Your Vagina High with Cannabis Lube

There is a growing number of cannabis products for women hitting the market in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Sprays, edibles, oils, lotions, and one product that is growing in popularity is cannabis lube for women.

Many women don’t enjoy sexual intimacy as much they would like too. There are a variety of reasons for this some women suffer from vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse which results in them tensing their muscles during intercourse, which only adds to their discomfort. Other women suffer from being inhibited sexually despite their best efforts, which results in their suffering from anxiety when things become intimate.

Whether you are a woman who has some difficulty enjoying sexual intimacy or really enjoy having sex with the right partner what all women want is a more sensual experience and that is what cannabis lube seems to be delivering for many women.

Women who have used cannabis lube have stated that definitely enjoy sex more. They report that the lubricant makes them feel a wonderful warm and tingly feeling, which may be due to that fact that cannabis improves your blood flow to the area where it is applied. It also enhances the sensations you feel, which makes the sexual act more intense.

Many women also find that even using cannabis in a topical lube helps to lower their inhibitions and anxiety while relaxing their muscles helping to reduce or prevent pain during intercourse.

One thing women who are thinking of trying cannabis lube needs to know, is that it can take between 30 minutes and an hour before you can really feel the effects from the cannabis so you will have to plan those romantic encounters.

It should also be noted that cannabis lube is not a cure all and may not work at all times of the month for women, so if you try this type of lube and it doesn’t seem to work, it is advised that you try it a different time during the month.

Who Can Benefit From Cannabis Lube

  • Women who suffer from vaginal dryness
  • Women who experience pain during intercourse due to tensing their muscles
  • Women who are simply looking for a more sensual experience
  • Women who tend to get itchy or irritated in and around their vagina area
  • Women who tend to think about other things during intercourse

Perhaps the biggest benefit of cannabis lube for women is the fact that while there are many products made for men to enhance their sexual enjoyment and performance there have been few products that serves to increase women’s sexual enjoyment.

The current problem with cannabis lube is the fact that in states where cannabis is not yet legalized purchasing and using cannabis lube is not an options since it is still considered to be marijuana even though it is applied topically not eaten or smoked.

However, with more and more states looking to legalize marijuana there is hope that cannabis lube will soon be available to any woman who is looking to try it.