Cannabis Companies Are Moving Towards Women Friendly Products

Cannabis Companies Are Moving Towards Women Friendly Products

Throughout history people and companies that pedaled their goods knew and understood the difference between men and women and quickly learned how to target their products for women as well as men. With the legalization of marijuana in 9 states, this is a lesson that many marijuana companies and sellers were slow to learn.

The Differences Between Men and Women Marijuana Users

Men who use recreational marijuana do so because they enjoy the “high” this product provides. Which is why when they shop for Marijuana products they prefer joints with a high potency level. Women, on the other hand, use marijuana to help them relax and to take the edge off their aches, pains, and anxiety.

In addition, as all women know they want to look and smell good, not smell like the inside of a bong! Which is why woman Marijuana users prefer partaking of Marijuana in edible and other forms rather than smoking.

In addition, more and more women are choosing beauty products that contain cannabis as well.

Marijuana Companies Changing Their Products and Their Message

It took a little while, but marijuana companies began to realize that while they were making a good income with products that literally went up in smoke, they realized that was a large untapped income potential out there and that in order to tap into it they needed to make some changes in their products and messages. Some companies are no longer making potency the main message of some of their products, but rather are looking to send the message that cannabis products can reduce stress, help you to relax, and aid sleep.

The movement towards women geared marijuana products are growing with such companies as Kate Miller’s “Miss Grass” offering products directed mainly towards women, and markets itself as a lifestyle brand, while a Colorado pot company is offering low does joints called slices, aimed at women who have a drink to relax, and an Ohio company making CBD body lotions.

For a long time, women have known that they had the power to direct the markets for all sorts of products and now they are discovering that Marijuana companies are eager to get their stamp of approval on their products as well.

This is excellent news for women who want to use marijuana for pain and stress relief and to help them get a better night’s sleep. With so many companies competing for their business, women have the power to direct these companies through their business to provide high quality pot products ideal for their specific needs and wants.