Cannabis and Menopause

Most women dread the onset of menopause. It is not the growing older that bothers them, nor the end of their childbearing years so much as the symptoms that accompany those menopausal years. As women, we hear horror stories about those hormonal imbalances causing anxiety and depression, those hot flashes that come on at the most expected times, night sweats and difficulty in sleeping are just a few of the symptoms that women find themselves experiencing. While not all women who go with menopause experience every symptom of the ‘Change of Life” most women experience some discomforting symptoms that tend to infer with their lives to a greater or less degree.

Now, although more research needs to be done, many women are finding relief for many of their menopause symptoms by using cannabis or more specifically A compound found in cannabis known as Cannabidiol or CBD. Low doses of THC may also prove to be helpful for women who are going through menopause. Here are some of the way these cannabis derivatives can provide a therapeutic effect on menopausal women.

Aids in Reducing Menopausal Anxiety and Depression

When women undergo menopause their estrogen levels drop creating hormonal imbalances that can result in anxiety and depression. Many women report that taking low doses of limonene enriched blends of CBD or low levels of THC can ease those feelings of depression and anxiety that many menopausal women suffer from. The amount of cannabis in these blends won’t leave a woman feeling “high” they simply work with the body to help a woman feel more balanced and more upbeat.

In addition, the hormonal imbalances may cause headaches in some women and many women find taking CDB when a headache starts coming on can prevent a headache into becoming full blown.

Treatment for Hot Flashes

Hot flashes can make a woman feel as though they are burning up from the inside out. It is extremely discomforting to feel hot flashes coming on and no there is nothing you can do about it. However, some menopausal women are finding that a few hits off a vape pen may actually help to regulate temperature and easing or even stopping those uncomfortable hot flashes.

CBD May Prevent Bone Loss

A study done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that CBD may not only prevent bone loss but also actually stimulates bone formation, which can protect against age-related bone loss, a problem suffered by many menopausal women.

CBD May Help to Improve Sexual Drive in Menopausal Women

Many women going through menopause find they have almost a non-existent interest in sex. Part of their lack of interest in sex is vaginal dryness which may cause pain during intercourse. In addition, many menopausal women actually have a drop in libido. Cannabis lubrication can help to ease vaginal dryness, but some women have discovered that using various strains of CBD can actually heighten their sensual enjoyment making sex more fun.

CBD and low doses of THC have also been reported to aid in dry skin and hair and help menopausal women sleep better, while another compound found in marijuana THCV may actually help to reduce menopausal weight gain by stopping the munchies.

This is excellent news for any woman who are suffering from the symptoms of menopause, offering them a way to reduce those symptoms and feel more like themselves instead of feeling like an alien has taken over their body and personality.