Canna Moms

As a new mother life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Combine the everyday stress and strain of caring for your family, the normal aches and pains everyone experiences, lack of sleep, and all too the often the stress of a job, it is little wonder that many young women, even those not suffering from postpartum depression, feel slightly off-balanced and unable to relax even during those times when they get a free moment to themselves.

Only another woman can understand the constant stress and tension you feel trying to balance all of those important things in your life. And while most young mothers don’t openly talk about it, more and more young women are finding that using certain cannabis products provides them with relief from everything from common aches and pains to menstrual cramps, to osteoarthritis, sleep anxiety, and even mild depression.

Young Mothers Not Into Smoking or Edibles

Most young mothers do not want to get “high” or lose control when carrying for their small children. Which is why most of them avoid marijuana in the form of smoking joints or those edibles. Instead, they simply want a mild dose that helps to lift their mood and relieve aches and pains while still leaving them clear headed and able to complete all the tasks that need to be completed.  Sublingual sprays are gaining attention among women. Sublingual sprays are easily sprayed under the tongue and women feel the results within a minute of first spraying it. The effects last for almost an hour and with measured microdoses, one can function without feeling the overwhemling euphoria.

Other women prefer using drops, drinks and tinctures which instead of being loaded with THC actually contain only CBD, which does not give the psychoactive effect of THC.

Women Helping Women

Many women have themselves undergone negative judgments from others who don’t feel that mothers should use cannabis in any form.   Many women are dedicated to helping other women learn the benefits of Marijuana products. These women are advising and educating young mothers about the benefits of low dose marijuana, with the stress on low dosage. These women are not advocating “getting high” or using Marijuana product to forget your responsibilities, but rather as a mild medication. With women like Leslie Siu founding their own cannabis product company Mother and Clone and Kristie Amobi starting a cannabis education company called Reblan more and more women are able to learn more about cannabis use and products that can really help.

Cannabis, Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

While some women do use low dose cannabis to treat the nausea brought on by morning sickness and even during breast feeding, doctors to caution women to avoid the use of any cannabis during pregnancy or when breast feeding. The doctors are not saying that cannabis use is bad, they are simply pointing out that there has not been adequate research to determine if cannabis during pregnancy can affect the fetus and what that effect may be. They also are not sure how much of the drug a new born infant may get through their mother’s milk or how that may affect their development.

Doctors are also concerned that taking cannabis during pregnant or to treat postpartum depression may make them feel temporarily better and delay them getting the medical treatment they may need.

So while we woman, now have another option for relieving the stress and aches and pains of motherhood, we also need to be cautious in our use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If you are new to cannabis or an experienced canna mom, we always recommend to “Start Low, Go Slow”.  Until you have figured out which consumption menthod and dosages work for you, take it easy, and as always, seek professional medical advice.