How can Cannabis Improve Yoga

Yoga and cannabis 

The practice of yoga, collectively known as meditation, is an expressive form of art that has existed for centuries. Meditation synergizes the mind and body and is a prime technique to alleviate stress and tension from ones’ life. Enthusiasts and experts have spent countless years studying different techniques which can improve and help transcend this experience and have come to a new revelation, cannabis. Meditation carries several tangible benefits, such as improved blood flow, flexibility, and increased mobility. Considered a pure holistic form of theory, people argue that the consumption of marijuana can enhance this experience and the benefits that it carries, due to the physical and intellectual elevation that it carries.  Cannabis also allows one to feel more in their body, allowing for greater presence of mind.

Marijuana and yoga – what went wrong?

There are several reasons cited by people who are against this practice. First and foremost, it is debated that the effects of cannabis nullify that of yoga’s’. This is derived from the fact that as yoga aims to sharpen and strengthens ones’ focus, cannabis on the other lets the mind wander free. Such conflictions also extend to the concept of self-awareness, an innate ability that yoga inculcates but cannabis diminishes since it numbs the external and internal sensors in our body. Additionally, cannabis might make some dizzy; this puts people at risk of falling or tumbling down.

Benefits of yoga and cannabis

The cons, as mentioned above, are debated heavily on. However, in this case, the good outweighs the bad by a significant margin. Yoga Sutra (4.1) states that though people may argue that Cannabis increases distractedness, it can also be used as a tool to shut down the external world and influences tearing at us (which can lead to a better session). This further accentuates the focus of the user and can help them be more rhythmic and expressive with their movements, promoting a synergy with the flow that suits them best. Regarding therapy, cannabis can also help people with pain or reduced mobility. Last, but not the least, the effects of the cannabis are best observed at the end when the savasana (corpse pose) is performed, which enables and helps us experience the wholeness and completeness of our body.  Cannabis allows one to focus energy on the body being still.

Tips on how to make the combination work

Given the benefits in mind, Cannabis can be a great addition to your regimen. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Breathe well

Since breathing is essential for yoga, ensure that you do not use cannabis in a form that inhibits this. Go for a vape or an edible!  Breathe fully, and focus on your breathing technique.

  • Be smart with your dose

Ensure that the dose you take isn’t too heavy.  If you are new to cannabis, try microdosing at 5mg.   Remember, “Start Low, Go Slow” until you find a dose that is the perfect fit for your yoga routine.

  • Practice balance

A normal effect of cannabis is light-headedness and a general lack of overall balance. Try to find your tempo and then work from there, let the cannabis allow you to focus your energy into your body.