Cannabis Self-Care for Women

Modern life is so hectic that many women overlook their self-care. Yet when taking the time to care for yourself, life becomes so much more manageable, although putting this into practice is always easier said than done. Unless you get help from one of the unlikeliest of sources – cannabis.

Cannabis is wrongfully overlooked by many people when it comes to self-care processes. Stereotypes and stigmas about cannabis use still exist, yet many women are shattering these misconceptions to prove just how cannabis is as a self-care treatment.

Self-care covers various aspects of your life, including sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and general mental and physical well-being. Cannabis can help in all these areas and more. Let’s take a closer look at how countless women are using cannabis to help with self-care:


Cannabis can significantly improve the quality of your sleep, whle also being an effective treatment for getting to sleep should you struggle with this. By increasing REM sleep cycles, cannabis generally produces a much deeper and more restful sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the core components of self-care, so if you’re struggling with sleep then be sure to consider cannabis as a form of treatment. It doesn’t need to be a massive amount of cannabis either, as even just a micro dose of 2-5mg of THC should help relax the mind and body, setting you up nicely for a soothing sleep.

Vaporizing a small amount of cannabis flower (preferably an Indica strain) before bed is a great way to improve sleep. You can also use a drop or two of tincture oil under the tongue, with both products available recreationally across Canada.


The idea of consuming cannabis and working out may seem counter-intuitive given the connotations of being high, but many females are using cannabis to aid their physical activities, from working out to yoga.

This works for many reasons. One notable benefit of cannabis is that it’s a powerful pain killer, so anyone that struggles to exercise because of aches or pains can use cannabis to help fight the pain, whether a temporary issue or long-term chronic pain.

Better still, once your workout is finished you can avoid this nasty post workout pains and aches by using cannabis. It’s an effective anti-inflammatory treatment and hastens muscle recovery.

Another way that cannabis can help with exercise is easing anxiety. This often stops a workout before it even has the chance to begin, so by reducing stress and anxiety more women are finding the motivation to start getting physical.

Cannabis helps before, during, and after exercise, which is why so many women are incorporating it as part of their self-care routines!


Perhaps one of the more obvious uses of cannabis for self-care is relaxation. Cannabis helps to greatly relax the mind and body when consumed, melting away those feelings of stress and anxiety that eat away at everyday life.

Sometimes the mind goes into overdrive and is hard to rein in, yet with a small amount of cannabis this all changes. It quiets the mind, giving way to more thoughtful introspection rather than feeling overwhelmed by everything.


Cannabis is widely known for inspiring creativity as anyone that has used can testify. Whether enjoying creative and expansive conversations with friends, inspiring to write or draw, or simply overcoming creative barriers, a little bit of cannabis is enough to get those creative juices flowing.

It doesn’t just inspire creativity however, it can help streamline your current creative thinking, helping to focus on good ideas and forget the useless ones. Cannabis as a creative assistance works in many capacities, including your professional life and your personal life.