How to Enjoy Edibles

Cannabis edibles are often viewed as the perfect product for beginners looking to try weed for the first time. A completely smokeless experience, eating cannabis-infused foods is a healthy way to experience all the fun has to offer, with the unhealthiest part being the typically high-sugar content in edibles.

Of course, anyone that has tried edibles knows there are risks to eating them, especially as a first-time user. While they look harmless, cannabis edibles are usually very potent and don’t quite hit you in the same way smoking weed does, leading many people to overindulge and realize their mistake when it’s too late.

However, when taking the right approach, edibles are a very enjoyable way to experience cannabis and can be free from overwhelming highs many people have unfortunately experienced. Check out the tips below for how to have a fun and safe time with cannabis edibles:

Always start with a small dose

The reason so many people have horror stories with cannabis edibles is usually from eating too much. They don’t realise just how much is in the edible, so eat the entire thing, only to find out that this was far too much for their tolerance. This even happens to experienced cannabis users, although most newbies make this mistake too.

So, always avoid eating too much at first, starting with a small amount of roughly 5mg of THC. As your body is digesting the cannabis rather than inhaling it, the effects take much longer to hit, so even a small amount takes an hour or so to hit.

Wait for the high before taking any more

Once you feel the effects of a small dose you can decide if you want more. If you feel too high then simply avoid eating any more until you feel capable, or simply leave it at that and try more the next time.

Remember, smoking or vaping weed results in an almost instant high, whereas edibles take anywhere from 1-2 hours to take effect. Many people make the mistake of thinking they’ve not eaten enough because it’s taking too long to hit them, then end up taking too much and getting overwhelmingly high.

The high is different from smoking

Edibles have a reputation for being potent. This is often due to high amounts of THC in the food, with doses varying from each product, but also from the way the body reacts to the cannabis.

Because edibles are being digested, the cannabis is metabolized through the liver, which causes a much different high compared to smoking. It’s more psychoactive, often causing psychedelic that overwhelms the unexpected, so be prepared for a different experience from smoking weed.

This is useful for people that have experience smoking weed but not with edibles. You may feel prepared, only to find out the high is completely different. Being aware of this certainly helps, however, as you know what to expect and can embrace it rather than trying to fight against it.

Be prepared for a long high

Another way that edibles differ from smoking is how long the effects last. The high from smoking weed wears off relatively quickly, even for first time users, but the same can’t be said for edibles.

The way the body breaks the THC down means the effects last far longer than smoking. Many people don’t expect this, so feel overwhelmed from being so high for so long. It could last for up to 12 hours depending on the dose, so always bear this in mind and prepare accordingly – don’t make plans for the day!