Coconut Oil as Lube for Women

Coconut oil has many benefits and can be used for a wide variety of situations. It is also known as the copra oil, which is derived from the edible oil extracted from the kernel of  mature coconuts. It has a variety of applications and can be used for a variety of benefits from skin care to lubricant. Because of the high saturated fat content present in coconut oil, it can slowly oxidize in your body and then cause a resistant factor which can last up to months and even years.

The health benefits of coconut oil

There are many health benefits of coconut oil.  Some of these are as follows:

  • If you are ingesting coconut oil for your diet, it acts as a fat burning agent. This means that you worry less about maintaining your cholesterol levels, maintaining weight and ensuring that your body is no longer building and storing as much excess fat.
  • If you are using it as a lube, there is less friction that is often caused during intercourse. The properties of coconut oil gives it a smoother and more minimalistic feeling, which is often desired when using a lubricant when intimate.
  • Due to the healing properties and elements present inside coconut oil, your body functions at a more optimal level when it is both ingested and applied to the skin. It can cause rashes to disappear and various skin conditions to heal upon necessary application.
  • You can also increase your hair growth with the use of coconut oil. Applying coconut oil to your head can increase the growth of hair as it stimulates the hair follicles.

Can it be used as a lube like Dani Pepper’s Amorous Sex Spray?

Coconut oil can be used as a lube/lubricant, however, it isn’t something that can necessarily improve your sexual experience aside from the mechanics of sex. You may need something to improve the overall quality of sex especially when it comes to orgasms and for this reason Dani Pepper has created a product that takes the best of both worlds and creates an overall sexual experience like no other. Taking the properties of cocnut oil into account, we formulated our Amorous sex spray to provide you with the lightweight lubricant you need with the additional value of increased blood flow, heightened senses and several other factors that act as catalysts for incredible orgasms.

Is coconut oil safe for your vaginal use?

There are many myths and misinformations online regarding coconut oil that can make it difficult to obtain accurate information and therefore make informed decisions. While there is still more research to be conducted, it is possible to deduce outcomes based on what we do know so far. For example, a question that often arises is can coconut oil disrupt your vaginal flora. We are all different so of course our particular floras are different, however, generally speaking the bacteria that often consume coconut oil are few and far between and have slower growth rates, therefore, it is unlikely that it will vastly affect your flora, at least no more than any other lube on the market. Coconut oil has also been deemed a natural remedy for yeast infections so that being said, it could in fact sway your flora into a healthier direction. Another very common question that is often met with false results is whether or not coconut oil negatively affects the PH balance in your vagina. Coconut oil does not affect your PH because a PH is technically a measurement of hydrogen ions in a water based solution, coconut oil does not have a PH because it is oil. Therefore, we cannot say that coconut oil affects your PH whatsoever. However, negatively speaking you should never use coconut oil with a condom as it breaks down the latex due to the chemical properties in the oil and this can lead to unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

Well the real question is, does it really work and is it safe for your vagina? Sure it is. Ultimately, more research is needed to provide more information on this topic, however, it is important to do as much research as you can in order to inform yourself of the positive and negative implications of using coconut oil as a lubricant. What we do know is that it is safe and effective to use with few implications that we know of and it can be used in a wide variety of ways aside from a lubricant that have been proven effective, safe, and natural.