The Use of Marijuana for Sexual Pleasure and Performance

In recent years the reclassification of Marijuana from a Schedule 1 substance to legalization in many different countries around the world has stimulated discussion and brought about medical change, taking the typical pharmaceutical drug option and replacing that with a natural, effective, and sometimes life changing option in the form of marijuana. Academic research into medical marijuana has skyrocketed and results have shown that there are numerous health benefits and more importantly the ability to provide relief to those suffering from pain or other ailments caused by a variety of factors from mental health to disease. Not only has this research prompted medical legalization, but many states, provinces, and countries to legalize it for recreational use as well. One of the explored benefits of marijjuana is its effects on sexual intercourse and the sexual enhancement that can be felt from both men and women in a variety of different fashions. Many medical professionals and regular users of cannabis have found it has a significant impact on sexuality and intercourse in general.

For years cannabis has been attributed to sexual enhancement, however, scientists are now discovering further aphrodisiac effects and through the use of different extracts, such as CBD, they are now able to create products that improve blood flow, increase duration, increase orgasms, and much more. Based on our own personal experience, we believe that smoking as a couple before sex is undoubtedly an experience worth sharing. Whether it be smoking a vape pen, smoking a joint, or using different methods, such as sprays, for example Dani Pepper’s Amorous Sex Spray, there are a variety of options to choose from to heighten your sexual experience.

Marijuana is not only just for sexual pleasure, it can also be used for sexual health in the area of ailments such as sexual dysfunction. The Journal of Sexual Medicine has conducted research into the frequency of use of marijuana in sex in the United States of America. They have come to the conclusion that marijuana plays a role in treating men with sexual dysfunction. Dr. Micheal Eisenberg, together with his colleague Dr. Andrew Sun have found that Marijuana can actually increase the amount of testosterone found in the bodies of men that take it just before sexual intercourse.

While the combination of marijuana and sex is more often than not a great thing, smoking marijuana in bed will not guarantee that sex is spectacular if the primary ingredients are not present to begin with, such as, the desire, passion, and rapport of the couple. In addition, as we all have different chemical makeups, you must consider that what works for one person will not necessarily have the same effect on another. To have a sexually pleasurable experience as a couple, you have to be relaxed and uninhibited.

Researchers have also found that cannabis triggers the release of a key neurotransmitter called dopamine. This neurotransmitter plays a role in pleasure, pain, and attention. The plant’s main psychoactive, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), also sequesters the landing site of a compound known as “the happiness molecule,” which causes feelings of euphoria. This will undoubtedly create an environment for an enhanced sexual experience. There is also evidence that marijuana opens new paths to divergent thinking, a primordial step for creative thinking, which can undoubtedly be an advantage for lovers.

Today it is possible to find marijuana and CBD products, which you can apply directly to the erogenous zones or directly onto the genitals to obtain their benefits. There are also lubricants with cannabis extracts that are formulated especially for men and women.

Clinical trials have found that marijuana does not impair sexual performance in the least but in fact enhances the sexual experience, sometimes to heights never experienced before. There are also no other unintentional and possibly dangerous side effects from using cannabis with other sexual performance drugs such as Cialis or Viagra.