Five Amazing Facts About Cannabis and Sex

Sexual performance and cannabis have been proven to be quite cohesive and as medical marijuana is now becoming legalized globally, it is necessary for the research regarding this symbiosis to reach men and women everywhere. Cannabis can both impact your sexual health and performance. Today research and investments into the study and creation of marijuana […]

The Use of Marijuana for Sexual Pleasure and Performance

In recent years the reclassification of Marijuana from a Schedule 1 substance to legalization in many different countries around the world has stimulated discussion and brought about medical change, taking the typical pharmaceutical drug option and replacing that with a natural, effective, and sometimes life changing option in the form of marijuana. Academic research into […]

Smoking vs. Edibles

On October 2018, recreational cannabis became legal in Canada. However, cannabis edibles will be available for recreational use sometime this year. The availability of cannabis edibles will be a good alternative for patients who care about their health. This year cannabis enthusiasts in Canada are expecting a considerable variety of cannabis edibles to hit the […]

How to Enjoy Edibles

Cannabis edibles are often viewed as the perfect product for beginners looking to try weed for the first time. A completely smokeless experience, eating cannabis-infused foods is a healthy way to experience all the fun has to offer, with the unhealthiest part being the typically high-sugar content in edibles. Of course, anyone that has tried […]

Benefits of Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis tinctures have become one of the surprise hits of legalization. While these cannabis products are nothing new, they were typically only used by patients with access to medical cannabis in Canada. After recreational legalization, cannabis tincture is one of the main cannabis products available for recreational use, leading many people to try out the […]